The Rosary

Praying the Rosary for the Sanctity of Life

The Rosary is a devotion to the Incarnation of Our Lord and to His Blessed Mother. It is composed of twenty decades, each decade consisting of the ‘Our Father’ (i.e., the “Lord’s Prayer”), ten ‘Hail Mary’s, and the doxology, ‘Glory be to the Father…’, each being recited in honor of some mystery in the life of Our Lord and/or of His Blessed Mother. During each decade we should call to mind the mystery which it is intended to honor, and pray that we may learn to practice the virtue specially taught us by that mystery.

Begin the Rosary by:

Making the Sign of the Cross and praying the Apostles’ Creed

– Pray the Lord’s Prayer once

– Pray three Hail Mary’s

– Pray the doxology Glory Be

1. Announce the First Mystery

– Pray the Lord’s Prayer

– Pray ten Hail Mary’s, while meditating on the Mystery

– Pray the Glory Be, then, if you wish, offer the Fatima Prayer

– Offer the Rosary For Life prayer

2. Repeat step 1 for the remaining four (4) mysteries

Pray the hymn Hail, Holy Queen and the closing prayer.

Download these instructions contained on a single sheet by clicking HERE (.pdf, 176k)

To pray the Rosary in Latin, download this sheet by clicking HERE (.pdf, 12k).

You can find beautiful additional prayers by clicking HERE.

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