Guidelines for Organizing

The following is a suggested guide for how to enroll people in the Rosary For Life movement at your local parish.


  1. Place an article in your parish bulletin, ideally two weeks before you plan to enroll people.
  2. Write to Rosary For Life (see Contact page) requesting prayer booklets to distribute.
  3. A week before the enrollment event, have the priest include a petition for the Sanctity of Life in the Prayer of the Faithful. Also, have the priest announce Rosary For Life’s enrollment drive and encourage people to join at all the masses, especially stressing the following:
    • The are only being asked to commit one hour a week.
    • The prayers can be said anywhere.



Day of the Enrollment Event

  • Staff all doors before and after each Mass in order to enroll parishioners/visitors. No pledges should be taken while the Mass is in progress. (Extra staff, if available, can be of benefit in assisting those who need help to fill out the pledge cards.)


  • Instruct those staffing the doors that this is a peaceful, prayerful operation: this is Our Blessed Mother’s project, not ours. We are just her instruments promoting the project. Be prepared to ignore insults, curses, etc. (You will get them). Should someone come forward and politely say “I believe in abortion”, etc., you may respond with “We also are praying for those who advocate abortion.” Do this without showing any anger. We must be always known by the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit and never harbor intolerance toward those who do not agree with us.


  • When completed cards are returned, check that they are properly filled out and ensure that each individual receives the booklet. Write: “15 decades, Day and Time” on top of book before giving the book to new member.


  • Endeavor to obtain commitment for a specific hour, one day a week. If this is not possible, perhaps the individual can commit to saying 15 decades of the Rosary during the week. Never turn down any prayer commitment. Children, if too young to commit to praying the entire Rosary, may say a decade a day/week or even three Hail Marys daily/weekly.


  • Rosary beads should be made available to those who do not have them. Also, brown scapulars and miraculous medals may be made available. These should not be sold, but donations are acceptable.


  • If the Parish does not cover the cost of the booklets, donations may be requested and accepted. The booklets are not intended to be sold.


  • Refrain from distributing flyers or any other type of material which predict future apparitions etc., (i.e., “the Blessed Mother will appear at __ [location]__ on __ [date]__ at __ [time]__”.


If you need additional assistance in setting up a Rosary For Life group, please do not hesitate to call our Headquarters at (718) 377-6920.

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